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What is LEGO Rock Raiders Fanon Wiki about, you ask? Well, it's the wiki for ANYTHING that is unofficial things about LEGO Rock Raiders!

If you don't like Legos or still have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry! You are still MORE THAN WELCOME to post fan-fiction and such!

Fanon = Stories & Art created by fans

The plotline for you to base your story on

Here is the plot for Rock Raiders (as shown in the opening cutscene in the PC Video Game):

Geologists, scientists, and just regular miners are in a large spaceship heading out into the deep unknown. Before they know it, a black hole/wormhole appears and they are sucked into it. They reappear, with systems critical and the like, near some very huge asteroids. They land on one of them, and they must now gather enough resources to return to Earth.

Of course, nothing is easy out in the far reaches of space, so creatures such as Rock (and Ice) Monsters, and green, Energy Crystal-eating Slugs are always attacking the bases set up by our heroes, the Rock Raiders.

There you have it! The only limit is your imagination!

P.S. The resources are Energy Crystals and Ore.

Rules & Guidelines

1. PLEASE keep your stories mostly clean! You are allowed to have minor swearing & violence, but if you purposely curse for the heck of it, you WILL be banned. If you think your story is too innapropriate, MAKE A NOTE OF IT ON THE TOP OF YOUR PAGE!

2. Stories will be posted on individual pages. Title it "[Insert Story Title Here] by [Insert Username Here]" Each chapter should be in the "Heading 2" style, and if you want, use "Heading 3" for sections withing your chapter. If your story is too long, feel free to make another page with PAGE 2, 3, 4, etc. at the end of it.

3. KEEP THE ARTWORK CLEAN. Believe me, that will be an automatic ban if you post anything that is innapropriate.

4. Read the chat rules before using the live chat.

5. Have fun & be creative!

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